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Cornerstone Community Church is Alive in Christ, and Walking in Faith. What does this mean exactly? At CCC we are Committed, Connected, and Concerned about Christ and HIS church. Being Alive in Christ means transformation power, and walking in Faith is that power being witnessed and shared. Come see for yourself and experience the life GOD the Father has prepared for us to walk in!

CCC puts Life into our Faith. We are truly Alive and Walking in our Faith in Christ. Stay tuned to what we're doing next by checking out our calendar and Facebook page to see all that we've got coming your way.


Walking in Faith is a challenge best overcome by joining others with like-minded beliefs. Our mission here at Cornerstone is to come along beside you as you journey forward to accomplish great things for God's glory. We are dedicated to serve you both spiritually and emotionally as we "run the race set before us". Come join us for the journey.  

Cornerstone Community Church is a local, independent Baptist Church, freely associated with the Southern Baptist Convention and the MN-WI Baptist Convention.

our pastor:
Gooch Olcott
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