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Becoming one in Christ

40 Days of Prayer

Day 37

Prayer for Harmony

Roy Hopgood, Jr., Senior Pastor, Mt. Horeb, Milwaukee WI

"Finally, all of you should be of one mind, full of sympathy towards each other, loving one another with tender hearts and humble minds." 1 Peter 3:8 (NLT)

Melody is the tune you hum and harmony is what someone else sings to complement it. The harmony has entirely different notes but makes a pleasing chord with the melody. Those who can sing harmony take their cues from the melody.

As Christians we learn to take our cues from the melody of Jesus through the Word of God. Peter calls us to have unity of spirit in harmony with each other.

How do we have unity and harmony? Peter says we must have three commitments in our "church" lifestyle:

(1) actively share the sorrows and concerns of those who grieve;

(2) love each other just like a healthy family loves and values each member; and 

(3) show compassion rather than arrogance as we deal with the failures of others who hurt us, recognizing that we are vulnerable to sinning and hurting those we love, too.

PRAYER: Father, I confess that I have let my own oversensitive self be wounded and have reacted with pettiness when my brothers and sisters in Christ have not treated me as I felt I deserved. I know Jesus was treated so badly and shamefully by those he created and so I should not be surprised when things don't always go well for me. May I take my cue from the melody of forgiveness in my own life. Amen.

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