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Becoming one in Christ

40 Days of Prayer

Day 9

Prayer for a Healthy Ministry

Roy Watson, Pastor, Monumental Baptist Church, Milwaukee WI

Read Romans 15:14-16.

"And I myself also am persuaded of you, my brethren, that ye also are full of goodness, filled with all knowledge, able also to admonish another." Romans 15:14 (KJV)

Paul's encouragement to this house church in Rome is a reminder to us to pray for our churches and ministries. There are three things that Paul mentions in this verse that we should focus on in our prayer.

First, "full of goodness." In a world that is morally decaying and people are finding it harder and harder to be good to each other we need to pray for the full goodness of God in our churches.

Second, "filled with all knowledge." I am constantly challenging young minds that I come in contact with to achieve as much education as they can. In this verse, however, Paul is not suggesting that we fill ourselves with the knowlege of science, language, and arts, but that we be filled with spiritual knowledge.

Third, "able to admonish (teach) one another." I am a teacher at heart. Yes, I believe that some people have a gift of teaching, but I believe all of us can instruct someone else. We are to use what we learn to lovingly share with others.

PRAYER: Father, thank you for your Son Jesus. Father, thank you for salvation. Draw us more closely to Jesus so that we can reflect the "fruit of your goodness." Let the power of your Spirit move us to learn and share through teaching of others. Let us keep experiencing your grace. In Jesus' Name, we say amen.

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